Living in the divine grace of God is the ultimate gift. Each and every moment becomes a gift, living in the new and fresh experience of creativity. A Course in Miracles calls this awareness of the Self the Divine Abstraction.

Know thyself. Knowing that “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30) is an actual experience. This is the non-dual experience that Jesus teaches us to realize as we learn how to forgive. In gratitude we realize that we are not the doer. It is God that does everything through me and for me. This is the ultimate reality and freedom.

Put the Kingdom of Heaven first and all things will be added unto you. A Course in Miracles calls this state the real world. It is the state in which the mind has come to see what is valuable and what is valueless. It holds onto absolutely nothing that would obscure the most holy truth of who you are.

“Enlightenment is a recognition, not a change at all.”
A Course in Miracles

This holy instant is where the precious awareness of the Self abides; beyond all images and thoughts that block the light of who you are. The still abstract Divinity is here. There is nothing else. All else is fantasy and dream worlds that cover this holy awareness. Forgive and let it go. Opening becomes as natural as breathing, like a flower opens to the sunlight, bursting with the essence of Heaven. 

Our mind is being called to forget the meaningless, so it can remember what is meaningful. The deepening into this awareness calls for mind training and vigilance, not because we are trying to be good students, but because the sweetness of this grace literally breaks through the illusion of time and space. Each moment we decide to remember our reality, there is an opening to light, life, and truth. Once you start to taste its deliciousness, you start to realize you actually want nothing else, because there is nothing else. Happiness, joy, and peace await our return home.

As we come together with the sole purpose of remembering, there is a power surge that aligns us all with true strength. That is why there are crowds surrounding those who are awake. We can experience the truth and the mind naturally joins and opens as we begin to hear the same song.

Those who realize the Self are literally giving us a blessing from the heavenly realms, as they are awakening our true Self. It is the same Self. “When I am healed I am not healed alone.” ACIM, W-137 It is time for us all to awaken and accept our Divine Abstract nature. It is time to rejoice and sound the trumpets! The Son and Father are realized as the same: a mirror of perfection.

Tabula rasa is a direct living experience. The empty slate is ready to be written upon. It is the mystery of God’s loving grace for us all to be given and shown everything anew, each and every holy instant. Each instant given over and over again to the Holy Spirit opens the door to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Excitement and glee come from the ever new awareness of the glory of everything that Is. We need not take thought for the morrow. As we let go more and more, we become like children again. We begin again and let go of all of our own ideas of right and wrong, good and bad. The mystery of life awakens the heart naturally. This pure, still awareness is a living experience, going far beyond the intellect, beyond knowing, and fully penetrating the unknown. This knowledge is freedom.

You are Spirit Divine.

All are welcome here, forever, eternally in the absolute truth. The home of the beloved abides in the heart. Love is awakened and miracles flow like gushing rivers forever restoring the soul, bursting eternally, dancing in creativity with the divine forever and ever.


In Love,

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