Loss is an emotion that is experienced by the mind that believes it is separate from others. However, loss is not possible to the mind that sees a brother as one with it. What can be lost when all one can ever have is the love he gives? When love is withdrawn and separation is believed in as a reality, loss is experienced. When one believes that he has no access to love from within, he tries to find both the problem and the solution outside of his mind. He locks himself into the loop of trying to “fix” the feeling of loss, yet keeps experiencing it in different ways throughout his seeming life on Earth.

Seeing a brother as mind and only mind heals the belief in loss. The theme of loss is the underlying theme of all human dramas. And yet what is loss to a mind that knows it is whole and that love but extends from itself and reaches out boundlessly and endlessly? The one mind is the answer. Your brother is the door. The Christ in him is the way, the truth, and the life.

Bodies are used by the ego to separate. The body is made by the ego and is regarded as an end. To the ego, the body is its purpose, meaning, and life; it sees the body as an end because it uses it for pleasure, pride, specialness, protection, defense, and attack. Communication as a function of the body is also used by the ego, but only to separate. Communication is used to judge, to divide, to establish an identity, and to join in the false empathy that supports other fake identities and roles in this world.

The Holy Spirit knows that the body is not an end and that it can’t give anything to you. We have all tasted the disappointment that occurs when we use the body as an end—we feel empty when the goal is achieved. The ego shifts goals for us quickly lest it become obvious that the body as an end can’t really bring us anything. Holy Spirit has only one use for the body: to communicate in order to join and share the message of Love under His guidance.

The Holy Spirit uses what the ego made in His plan to free the mind from believing in loss of any kind. When the mind tries to use the body for split purposes—both as a device for the ego and a device for the Spirit—it is split. A split mind is a sick mind and it will inevitably project sickness onto the body. The ego again uses the body as an end when the mind wants to experience health through it. Health of the body is not possible when the mind is split and suffering. The mind can’t be wholly devoted to the ego because it is created by God and is still in God. The only way it can be wholly devoted is by aligning with the Voice for God (Holy Spirit).

Health and peace are experienced by the mind that is whole and at peace with itself. When the body is used only by the Spirit, the mind will not feel split anymore. It can stay “above the battleground” as loss is believed no more. Ready to bless the world with the Love that it is, it finally can rest until God takes the final step.

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