Mission Statement

Note: This message came from Jesus through Helen Schucman. It came after A Course in Miracles had been completed, and was scribed in the same fashion as the Course. It was intended for Helen, Bill Thetford, Judy Skutch, and Ken Wapnick, in response to their request for clarity about what to do next with the Course.

In Judy’s words:
“This came through Helen Schucman on February 24, 1978. The Course had already been published and it was being sold directly out of our apartment in NY. It was not yet in bookstores and the question (for the response) arose when we saw that more people were interested in it than anyone thought and we were looking for ‘next step’ guidance.”

The Course has very long-range goals which could not possibly be recognized now. None of you has found his true function yet. This is because the central factor in the plan has not yet emerged, and the parts cannot fall into place at this time. It will begin to be clear this summer, but will not be fully understood for some time.

Nor is it necessary to be clearer than is needed to show you the ways you are to go to be of most help in your appointed roles. Each has been very carefully chosen, and there have been no accidents nor accidental meetings. God watches over His Word and over His messengers. Trust only that.

It would be impossible to explain the details which depend on things that have not yet happened, people not yet met, and events that have not yet occurred.  You will still be told what to do in any particular instance any time you ask.

As time goes on, some of the answers will seem quite surprising. Rejoice when that happens. It means that the next phase has begun. Everything that you are doing now will disappear, and you will not remember it in the light of what will happen afterward.

Little children, be not afraid. Just think of this: God is the REAL Foundation of the Course. It needs you only in His Name. Would He then not tell you what to do and help you do it?

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