A Single-Minded Prayer

When one is drawn by the Spirit to take the spiritual journey to a deeper level it is a very significant step, and when it comes to the Mystery School it is not a casual step at all.

I feel inspired this morning to share some insights on how beneficial these spiritual steps are and some of the obstacles that can arise as you say yes to this calling. First, the calling itself is highly individualized and it plays out in many different ways. If you have registered for the Tabula Rasa Mystery School, please know the answer to your prayer for a deeper connection with the truth of who you are has been given in the form of this school. You have called forth a very powerful reflection of your own heart’s desire. We always get what we pray for and if you have a single-pointed desire for God, then God will meet you and provide the means for this prayer to be answered.

After many years of “spiritual window-shopping,” at a certain point, I knew in my heart I had to get committed to a spiritual practice. I had to stop mixing different traditions and pathways. For me, it was obvious that the path was A Course in Miracles (ACIM). Once I truly said the prayer, “Your Will, not mine,” then the very clear and direct means were given. The spiritual platitudes and nice ideas of Awakening had to be laid aside as I allowed myself to be given the means for awakening to God’s grace. It was nothing that I would have chosen and at times, it looked like the exact opposite of what “Suzanne” wanted. For one thing it was mind training, which took a huge amount of discipline. I was anything but disciplined! I was casual and easy-going and the ruler of my universe!

At the time of entering this new world of a committed spiritual path, I felt a sense of threat that I would have to sacrifice all the things I had equated with security, love, and happiness. As Jesus teaches us in ACIM, “When you hear only one Voice you are never called on to sacrifice.” T-6.I.10:4 It is the ego’s dark screen that keeps the mind from the ultimate realization of what we are in truth, and the passage through this belief in sacrifice is one that must be faced and undone. This is where most spiritual seekers fear to tread because it rocks the foundation of our mistaken identification with a personal self-concept. Once again, Jesus sets us straight about this in ACIM, “A concept of the self is made by you. It bears no likeness to yourself at all. It is an idol, made to take the place of your reality as Son of God.” T-31.V.2:1-3 The mesmerization with this false self is so strong that it takes great focus and willingness to dissolve its hold on our awareness and to become truly free.

As your prayer becomes single-minded, the most helpful and direct means will be given you. It has been my experience that exploring spiritual pathways and tasting all their flavors can be a stepping stone to open the mind to new ideas but eventually, without a single-pointed focus and a specific spiritual practice, you will be left feeling flat and unimpressed with them all. People would ask me all the time, “Why do you feel you need to take all these steps that seem to require effort when ACIM says you need do nothing?” In the beginning as I took my very uncertain steps, I would reply in honesty, “I don’t know but I feel I have to.” Of course later after much devotion, I can see that my prayer was true and that I had to follow what God had laid before me even though I did not know where it would lead. It was a leap of faith into the great unknown and I can honestly witness that through trust in this invisible force, I was born again in the Spirit of Love everlasting.

This is our lifetime, and enlightenment is available to all who have a single desire for God. I deeply honor all who approach the fear-based thought system of the ego and step by step, thought by thought, and tear by tear, undo its hold forever. The Mystery School gives you a safe and loving environment to face the ego and undo it. We are honored and blessed to join with you in this sacred endeavor.

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