When you are ready and willing, the Spirit is eager to give you everything. Seeing what is valueless is a sorting out and is part of developing trust in the divine. As we let go and step into the unknown, blocks of fear, doubt, and unworthiness are exposed in awareness only to be released. Each step opens the door to eternity.

Boundless joy and fulfillment await your return. As you decided to block Love from your most holy mind, you must decide to return to the still perfect presence that always abides right here.

This holy instant is all there is. “I am with you always.” Matthew 28:20

Each thought of the ego released opens the way to the mystery of life. Oh, the joy to be set free and live life in total freedom and spontaneity, not knowing the way, but fully trusting that the Holy Spirit has got this.

It is our natural state to open into the mystery and joy of living. The power of joining in this awareness can move mountains. The glee and purpose of life is awakened in this release. We must be willing to be wrong over and over again, realizing that our thoughts and opinions actually have no value.

The journey is very humbling to the ego indeed. The ego is the “I know” mind. We were all taught that we needed to know. How arrogant to assume a function that could never be ours. Only God knows the way, and the script indeed has been written. The Spirit wants to give us Christ Vision, wants us to step back and merely be aware of dreaming. He will send us everything we need to support this holy remembrance.

Desire the truth above all else and it is given. Every block in the mind will have to be questioned. Pay attention to how you feel. When you feel a contraction, it is because healing is happening. Get still, get present. This is where the Holy Spirit abides with you. His function is to remove all of your beliefs. Hold onto nothing!

We are opening and developing trust, and all discomfort is a call for Spirit to enter. Developing our relationship with the Holy Spirit is the sweetest love song! He is your dance partner, only wanting to give you joy, and joy abundantly.

Mind training is necessary until you have reached the promised land. Over and over again we get to decide. But we must be determined to see and to see things completely differently.

All glory to God in the highest, for my life is unfolding before me, and I do not know the way. Oh, the joy and mystery of living as my Father and I are one, and as I fully step back and let Him lead the way!!

The road is lit with miracles and laughter. Thank you, Father, for I do not know the way, but You surely know all things, and I shall walk beside my mighty companions only in remembrance of You!!

There is a glorious gift waiting to be given to each and every one of us. We must see that there are no accidents and that our journey through time and space is not an accident. Chance plays no part.

The Holy Spirit is hovering over each one of us. His wings are stretched around us and eagerly waiting to support us, and hold our hand as we take the journey Home to where we never left.

Oh, the sweetness and essence that Your Love radiates. I wish to extend and dance eternally in this grace of loving You!!


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