How Does This Path Relate to Mental Health?

Anyone experiencing any degree of fear, or hearing a voice in their mind that is not loving, a voice of doubt that points out mistakes, wrongdoings, and failures, is in need of mental health support. A healthy mind that is healed of fear is completely aligned with a thought system of love. Call this spiritual Awakening or psychotherapy, it matters not the terminology when we realize that the core of our heart and mind is actually the same.

This school offers deep teachings that introduce a pathway to inner contentment. This is a living experience of calling off the spiritual search and resting in God. Historically, A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is still very new, so this represents a paradigm shift away from the traditional medical model or other healing systems that rely on some “external” agent of therapy. The new psychotherapy is forgiveness as taught in ACIM and what David Hoffmeister calls Quantum Forgiveness.

This represents another way of healing the mind.

What we do comes from what we think, and so trying to control behavior without addressing the underlying cause or thoughts, will not really change anything. The aim of this learning is not to continue with the thoughts that relate to these difficult experiences, but to forgive the thoughts so they (and their symptoms) are no longer. This school offers a safe environment to get in touch with and expose all the thoughts underlying these symptoms, and heal them.

The medical field’s solution is predominantly medication for these issues, which can be helpful for a period of time, but will not cure the pain. Only a release of the thought system beneath the illness or symptom is ultimately curative.

From innumerable complexities we must grow to simplicity;
become simple in our inward life and in our outward needs.
― Jiddu Krishnamurti

No matter what you think you have been through in your life, or what you believe you are going through now, these are all only echoes, memories, of the past. They are gone, as memories are gone, and are no more. Right now, they are gone. It is only the ego, the self concept, that wants us to believe that the memories are still here now. So it analyzes, goes over them, tries to figure it out, over and over. Emotions are relived over and over. The only thing this pattern does is it drowns out the stillness right now!!! There is no problem right now, except by the ego’s interpretations. The ego even looks at a present circumstance, and imposes its own filter for what is happening, and this too, is only the past. The ego’s filter is always built upon past memories. It is soiled, never clean.

Our one choice, when faced with the ego’s interpretation, which is any pain or suffering whatsoever, is to hand it over fully to the Holy Spirit for reinterpretation. So our prayer becomes: I give this to you, Holy Spirit. I do not know what this means.

You will not accomplish anything at the Mystery School! The ego is always looking to accomplish something or achieve something, acquire, get, reach, seek, and so on. It never stops striving. There is always a search or yearning for a future “something”. Rather, the mystery school is all about forgiving and releasing this getting mechanism of the ego, in a gradual and gentle way, to the point that the mere notion of accomplishment falls away completely.

What am I forgiving

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